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All You Need To Know About Fixd Car Health

We’re the inventive organization behind the telematics stage that empowers you to effortlessly draw in with your clients and their vehicles when they require you the most. The FIXD stage robotizes your promoting so you are the first to draw in with a client the minute they have upkeep or repair require. The FIXD stage gives you the speediest, most total approach to put your clients at the focal point of all that you do.

Check Engine Light

Have significant serenity when the check motor light goes ahead. For each check motor light, you are given the seriousness of the issue, the outcomes of proceeding to drive with that issue, and a 2-3 sentence meaning of how that issue influences whatever remains of the car.


fixd car monitor also gives the production line prescribed upkeep plan for your specific make/demonstrate/year/motor. You can see precisely what services should be performed at every support interim to enable you to recognize what is required to legitimately keep up your vehicle. FIXD also gives mileage-based suggestions to caution you when you are moving toward an upkeep interim.

You’re driving solo on the interstate and all of a sudden, a motor check light began squinting on your dashboard. What do you do? Will you take out your cell phone and google it? No, it’s quite recently risky to tinker with your telephone while driving. If you just had this FIXD dynamic car health screen, you wouldn’t have an issue understanding what your car is letting you know. FIXD interprets uncertain caution lights and specialized terms into “English” so you comprehend it immediately. Realize what’s wrong, how serious the issue is, what will happen if you continue driving, and what you have to do. Beside the accommodating interpretation, FIXD will also alarm you of upkeep plans so you can keep your car in its best shape, dependably. Presently, your car’s truly conversing with you!

  • Helps you understand what is wrong with your car, warns you of consequences, and tells you what to do
  • Translates the engine lights and technical car jargonĀ for you
  • Reminds you of scheduled maintenance
  • Plug into your car and it’s ready
  • FIXD app is sleek and simple
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  • Connect it to and associate it to your telephone and FIXD will read the blunder codes from your vehicle. It at that point disentangles those codes for you to tell you whether you have to follow up on an issue now or if it can hold up. You can utilize it over different vehicles and every car’s profile will be put away on your telephone, so you can monitor every one. FIXD is accessible in the Techdirt Deals Store for $38.95.FIXD makes an interpretation of your car issues into basic, justifiable terms. No ambiguous light. No befuddling specialized definition. Simply the data that you have to know.The FIXD Sensor connects to your car and interfaces with the free FIXD App by means of Bluetooth. Get in your car and FIXD is prepared to go. Know if the issue needs earnest repair, or if you can continue driving. FIXD will even remind you when your car needs support, so you can keep away from a major repair charge later on not far off.FIXD: OBD-II Active Car Health Monitor:
    • The FIXD App and FIXD Sensor provide you with an understandable definition for your cars check engine light
    • FIXD gives you the Severity and Consequences of each Check Engine Light
    • FIXD reminds you when your car needs Scheduled Maintenance
    • FIXD even allows you to clear the Check Engine Light
    • Comes with the free FIXD iOS and Android Apps
    • FIXD is compatible with any gas-powered vehicle, 1996 or newer (does not work with all-electric or diesel trucks)
  • Another Kickstarter example of overcoming adversity, FIXD is a little sensor that fittings into almost any vehicle made after 1996, and tells you what’s the issue with your vehicle when your check motor light goes ahead. FIXD has three segments: the sensor, the application (iOS or Android), and the dashboard. The FIXD sensor transfers car issues from the vehicle’s symptomatic port to the FIXD application by means of Bluetooth. The driver is given the seriousness of the issue, the outcomes of kept driving, and a basic meaning of what precisely isn’t right.