Honeywell Air Touch i8 Air Purifier To Help You Breathe Fresh Air

An air purifier is a device which removes bacteria from the air in a room. These devices are beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics, and at reducing smoke. The core technology used in air purifiers is the filter. The filter is like a mesh which blocks the harmful particles and bacteria and allows air to pass. So mainly the filters clean the air, the of the machine does take care of air inflow and outflow, the inflow and outflow rate depends upon the blower and filter capacity to purify the air.

The Honeywell Air Touch i8 is one of the newer air purifiers, claiming to fight with PM2.5 particles showing real-time information on the touch panel on the top. It also claims to provide Ozone Free environment and will keep you distant from all the allergens, toxic gases, etc.

North India suffered from heavy smog, which means the hunt for masks, air purifiers, and plants that can likely fight against heavy air pollution. I felt incredibly affected due to the high levels of PM 2.5 and PM 10 in the Delhi Air on day one itself. I felt suffocated, and problem in breathing and eventually had to abandon all my work and caged myself in a room with two air purifiers on full blast. That’s a small example of people who reside in Delhi. Air Purifiers have unfortunately become a necessary evil.


  1. Presenting Air Touch i8 indoor air purifier with a real-time PM2.5 meter by Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company,
  2. It has the most Versatile coverage area, efficiency, and CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) 300 m3/h.
  3. It Covers up to 387 sq. Ft. with 9 feet height which is suitable for use in living rooms and bedrooms.
  4. It has three stage advanced filtration mechanism with combined patented HiSiv and HEPA filter that removes pollutants with more than 99% efficiency.
  5. The Washable pre-filter allows removing larger dust particles, pet hair or dander, soil, etc
  6. Combined HiSiv and HEPA filter that removes microscopic allergens, PM2.5, pollens, toxic gases, VOCs, formaldehyde, and odor.
  7. It is Complete ‘Ozone Free’ air purifier; which Does not emit any harmful gases as a byproduct of the filtration technology.
  8. This Air purifier has Approximately 3000 hours of filter life, by the ambient pollution can work for a year if used for 8 hours daily.


Warranty: 1 year on product

Power: 42 watts

Includes: Purifier, Filters, Quick start guide, warranty card

Call 1800 103 4761 for a quick advice or service request.