Lose Weight During the Holidays

Lose Weight During the Holidays

Tips for surviving the holidays without sacrificing your weight-loss goals

Fudge, cookies, bread, pies, etc… Nobody likes to pass up on these fantastic goodies during the holiday, but there is a way to eat the yummy foods and not sacrifice your weight loss goals.

Start the holidays with a plan. Here are some simple steps to help aid in your weight loss goals.

Two Months of Goodies

We have two to three months of holidays. It starts off with the Halloween sweets, Thanksgiving abundance, and Christmas baking.

We set goals to not over indulge in these foods during the holidays but the temptations can be very overwhelming. The goal to exercise can fall by the waist side. How do we overcome these challenges and maintain our weight loss goals?

Understand the Challenge

Set achievable goals that can be maintained during the holiday stress. Sometimes we cannot exercise as much as we would like to because of all the holiday festivities we are invited to, the shopping, the baking and the wrapping. Set goals for how often you would like to exercise and how many calories you will eat a day. If you eat a cookie, fluctuate the calories from something else. Set your weight loss goals to a few pounds during the holidays. You may not lose as much as you normally do but the goal is also to not gain any weight.

Write It Down

Once you set your goals to write them on a piece of paper and put it where you can see them every day. Read them daily and visualize your self-reaching those goals.

Keep a food journal daily. Keep track of the foods you consume and how many calories.

Choose a Partner

Find a partner to compare goals with and help each other stay on track. During the stress of the holidays and facing the temptations of yummy foods, it is nice to have someone to talk to about your struggles. Partners can encourage each other to achieve their weight loss goals.

Choose Your Calories Wisely

Avoid alcohol. Many alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories. Also as you drink more snacking is also increased. Save your calories for foods you really want to eat rather than the drink. Try to eat some vegetables or fruit before a party so you are not too hungry when you arrive.

Before you eat something ask yourself if you really need it.

Take A Breather

Holidays are stressful. Stress can wear you down. It can be very exhausting. Take a few minutes every day to just take some deep breaths and appreciate the things around you. While you are taking deep breaths think about all the things you are thankful for.

Do Not Skip Exercise

Even if you do not have time to exercise daily try to squeeze in the least a day or two. Oxycise is a great workout that boosts the metabolism. It only needs to be done 15 minutes a day and does not need to be done all at once. You can spread the exercise out through out the day. They can be done while you are driving or cooking.


Some Extra Tips

Weight specialist Susan Bartlett suggests the following ways to keep your caloric count in check at a big event:

1.         Don’t arrive hungrily; eat something before you go.
2.         Pass up peanuts, pretzels, chips, and other everyday snacks. Spend your calories on the special treats you really want.
3.         Wear a form-fitting outfit, with a belt if possible.
4.         Make socializing, rather than food, the focus of the event.
5.         Keep your portions in check — to keep calories under control.
6.         Plan how much alcohol you’ll drink. It loosens your inhibitions and contributes to calorie consumption.
7.         Don’t stand near the buffet table. In fact, keep your back to it, so you won’t even see it!
8.         Make a deal with yourself that you will learn something new about someone you don’t know at the party.
9.         Wear a special piece of jewelry — a sparkly bangle or big ring — as a visible reminder to yourself to eat in moderation.
10.       Practice saying “no, thank you.” It’s okay to turn down invitations or tell a pushy host you don’t want seconds.